Age: 29

Profession: Lighter @ Important Looking Pirates VFX

Hobby: Everything artistic - like music, art, movies etc.


My Story: 

I was 11 years old and my father had rented a movie on VHS called The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. When the popcorn was eaten and the movie was over, none of my brother, nor my father knew that this was a trilogy of films coming out, and my father raged about the ending. "Are we supposed to guess if Frodo destroyed the ring or what?" he muttered. I was also confused but at the same time blown away. What the heck did I just see? What is this kind of movie magic? It was both story and visually engaging at the same time. A totally new experience for me. When I then got to see the following movies in the theater, I knew what I deep inside wanted to become. I wanted to become a wizard. In modern tongue - a VFX-Artist.

I started to film my brothers and make movies that I edited in Windows Movie Maker. We almost created a small studio with new movie-premiers for our parents coming out almost once a week. But then... Life happened.

For almost 10 years, I got into music instead for a reason I really cant describe. I was good at it and just played the game I guess. I started bands, joined bands and even managed to sign two worldwide record deals with my well established band called Beyond All Recognition. We toured Europe a couple of times. Played arenas and big festivals in Ukraine, Russia and Bulgaria. I was living rock star life to the fullest until... my daughter came. It was a love-punch in the face that woke me up harder than anything else. I left for a month long tour when she was only 2 months old, and I couldn't really handle it. That was my wake up call to what really mattered in life. To make a long story short, I decided to leave the band and the good memories behind to spend more time with family. Career-wise, this opened some new doors for me. In January 2017 I immediately jumped on the Hogwarts express and went to educate myself to finally seize my dreams of becoming a wizard. Meaning, I bought my first powerful editing laptop and started to plow through After Effects tutorials each and every free hour I got. It was almost a sickness. I loved every step of the way. I made VFX on the train back and forth to work every single day. Sometimes, my boss caught me on lunch breaks making VFX and saw my passion for it. This lead to some cool kick-off videos and extra jobs within SF Bio - the leading swedish cinema company. I kept struggling and got better and better with each day that passed and managed to get myself a full-time job at baby brand Twistshake as a Motion Graphics Designer. I left my seven year long career at SF Bio and took a leap of faith as motion graphic designer that only lasted for 6 months before they had to let me go due to economic changes in the company. This left me without a job at the same time as my second daughter was about to enter the world.

The year of 2019 I spent at my computer searching for jobs and learning VFX. I landed soft when I managed to get into the brand new VFX-Artist program at Xenter, Botkyrka. I graduated in late 2021 and are now working at the award winning VFX-house Important Looking Pirates in Stockholm.